Eyecare (A patch test is required 24hrs)

Make your eyes stand out and shine with our wonderful range of treatments from Brow & Lash Tinting , Lvl Lash Lifts or go bold with our Mink ,2D 3D ,Russian Lash Extension.

Would you like to have a smokey eye or a bold lip? Choose from our makeup menu from four quick and glamorous looks. Or you can go tailor-made if you have a specific look in mind! Our makeup artists are some of the best in Ireland and use only top-rated products to make sure you’re left looking amazing!

Whatever your beauty routine is, most of us wear some sort of eye make-up every day, usually at least a little mascara. But there is plenty of space for creativity, whether you want to take things up a knot or get out of a make-up rut.

What are the eye make-up types?

If you have only a few minutes to get ready in the morning, but still want to look sharp, eyelash extensions may be worth a visit to a salon. Semi-permanent extensions need little maintenance between appointments, making your eyes pop, no mascara required. Instead, an eyelash cream can improve your wispies without needing bimonthly trips to the salon— although you can stick to a volumizing mascara, of course. Once you’ve nailed full lashes, by swiping on a nude eyeshadow that emphasizes the natural beauty of your features, keep the look from tipping into too much territory.

Nighttime Eyes: Dramatic and Sultry

Maybe you’re happy with your natural lashes, but for a ladies ‘ night out or a big date you want to do something special. This is the time for fake eyelashes to touch. In just a few seconds, they add va-va-voom to your look and get off right in the morning. The fluttering fringe is complemented by liquid eyeliner, which looks elegant and is usually easier to apply, and an eyeshadow palette in the color of your choosing. With a classic smoky eye, you can’t go wrong, but the shades of diamonds and pinks always make a big impact.

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