Massage Treatments at Salon 15 Beauty

At Salon 15 Beauty & Treatment Rooms Roselawn Dublin 15,Just minutes from Blanchardstown & Castleknock have fully qualified massage therapist with many years of experience. Offering Deep Tissue , Full Body and pregnancy  massage helping to ease any tension areas that may be causing pain . 

Some extra treatments on offer Aromatherapy massage , Reflexology for the feet , Vitamin C Facial’s , Microdermabrasion Facial for deep exfoliation. 


Back , Neck & Shoulders 

Relieve tension with our Back, Neck and Shoulder massage. Reduce back pain, loosen the shoulders and reduce stress in this 30 minute relaxing session.

Pregnancy Massage 

A pregnancy massage is a perfect solution to the stress and discomfort of pregnancy and a regular massage can help facilitate a faster post-pregnancy recovery.

  • First, during an initial consultation, your therapist does a postural analysis and asks about any muscles or areas that require special attention.
  • Then your therapist helps you onto the treatment table.
  • Lying on your side, your therapist gently positions your arms and legs and ensures that you are comfortable.
  • Once you are ready, your therapist begins by warming your muscles with light compressions.
  • Then the therapist uses a combination of effleurage, gliding strokes and kneading throughout the duration of the massage.
  • After the massage, your therapist discusses a self-care plan and recommends follow-up treatments, if needed.

Pregnancy has a dramatic effect on the body, but massage can help manage stress, relieve muscle tension and ensure that you are prepared to care for your baby.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is designed to relax the entire body by rubbing the muscles in long, gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. But the benefits of Swedish massage go beyond relaxation. It can help increase the level of oxygen in the blood and improve circulation and flexibility.

Deep-Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that’s mainly used to treat musculoskeletal issues, such as strains and sports injuries. It involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues.

Aromatherapy Massage

  • Aromatherapy for babies and children

The benefits of massage for babies and children cannot extolled highly enough. Massage is touch in its most positive form. Most children love being touched and held by a parent. Emotional benefits include security, love, comfort and stability. Through massage children can learn to love themselves, this leads to self confidence and helps them to be at ease with others.

  • Aromatherapy scalp massage

Tension headaches resulting from stress or overwork are common and respond well to aromatherapy treatment. Symptoms usually include muscular tension particularly of the scalp, shoulders, and neck. Headaches may also arise from factors such as sinus congestion, menstruation etc. Scalp massage stimulates circulation in the particular area and encourages deep relaxation.

Swiss Reflexology 

Reflexology is used to treat many of the same symptoms that acupuncture is used to treat, including anxiety, headaches, hormone imbalances and digestive problems.

  • As you sit or lie comfortably on the treatment table, your reflexologist warms up your feet.
  • Then precise pressure is applied to specific areas of the feet that correspond to certain areas of the body.
  • After the treatment, your therapist may give you a self-care plan or recommend a follow-up appointment if needed.

Reflexology is an instantly relaxing and soothing therapy that benefits anyone who suffers from stress and anxiety.

What are the advantages of massage?

  • Lower tension and stress and anxiety
  • Enhance sleep
  • Decrease discomfort and swelling
  • Increase the body immune system
  • Ease headaches
  • Boost basic wellness
  • Supply relaxation

What kind of massage is best for me?

Picking which kind of massage is best for you actually depends upon how you wish to feel later on.

For instance, if you struggle with persistent pains and discomforts, you might take advantage of a deep-tissue massage, as this will increase the pressure to target and eliminate those troublesome locations.