At Salon 15, we are working hard to meet all your needs so you can enjoy and experience a wide range of treatments for all your beauty needs!

Come and enjoy our salon’s relaxed atmosphere and receive from our experienced therapists the highest quality of services. For all occasions, we also have a wide range of retail products and gifts.

Massages from Male or Female Therapists

Sports Massage

Whether you’re coming off the football pitch, getting prepped for that huge competitors or simply struck leg day a bit too hard today, our sports massage treatment treatments in Dublin are here to get you arranged. Utilizing soft tissue adjustment, this kind of massage is best for the physically active, keeping your body in outstanding shape. With extraordinary offers and discount rates on sport massages too, you’ll be up and at ’em without providing your bank card an exercise.

Swedish Massage

If you’re searching for the supreme stress-busting treatment, a Swedish massage has you covered. The grandpa of massages, it is frequently described as a ‘traditional massage’ and intends to relieve stress to sooth the body and soul. From the fragrant smelling massage oils to the knot-kneading and strain-releasing strokes, a Swedish massage is the simply the ticket for a journey to finish Scandinavian calmness.

Deep-Tissue Massage

For those ingrained pains and discomforts, you’ll require deep-tissue massage. This design of massage is not just incredibly calming, it’s developed to reach the much deeper layers of your muscles and tissues that might be triggering you lasting discomfort. Our deep-tissue massage offers are perfect for anybody in Dublin who struggles with persistent muscle stress or injuries and needs some relaxation and relief.

Complete Body Massage

If you’re having a hard time to determine the discomfort, are hurting all over or simply desire some TLC from head to toe, a complete body massage is the best treatment. Gradually easing all the stress and tensions of Dublin living, this massage will have you going back to the workplace with a brand-new lease of life. Treat your entire body and your bank balance with amazing offers listed below.

What are the advantages of massage?

Every kind of massage has a range of various advantages. For instance, a hot stone massage at London Massage 4u will focus more on relaxation, opening the capillary to permit more flow throughout the body. While a sports massage at Fit Body London, positioned in south-east London, will focus more on essential pressure indicate ease muscle stress and enhance versatility.

What are the adverse effects of massage?

You’ll feel more unwinded, have actually increased energy levels and feel as though you have actually simply returned from a two-week vacation in the Bahamas– without investing the time or cash.

In all severity, it depends upon what massage you’re having. For some massages, like a sports or deep-tissue massage, you might feel some small pain or discomfort later on. This is completely regular and the massage therapist will discuss all this to you prior to they start. With all massages, there’s a high possibility you’ll get no unfavorable adverse effects whatsoever, apart from the desire to book another treatment quickly.

On the other hand, if you’re more thinking about indulging yourself with some stress relief, then a longer, full-body massage will relieve your tensions from head to toe. We suggest a seaweed facial followed by an aromatherapy massage, as provided by Depilex Health and Appeal.


Having stated that, here are a few of the basic advantages a massage can offer:

  • Lower tension and stress and anxiety
  • Enhance sleep
  • Decrease discomfort and swelling
  • Increase the body immune system
  • Ease headaches
  • Boost basic wellness
  • Supply relaxation

The length of time does a massage take?

Every massage is various, as is every person, so it will depend upon the kind of massage treatment you require. Some massages which just target particular locations of your body might just take thirty minutes, such as the back aromatherapy massage used at Bang Sha-Bang Health. While others, such as a complete body deep-tissue massage at BodyWell Group, might last over an hour.

What kind of massage is best for me?

Picking which kind of massage is best for you actually depends upon how you wish to feel later on.

For instance, if you struggle with persistent pains and discomforts, you might take advantage of a deep-tissue massage, as this will increase the pressure to target and eliminate those troublesome locations.

There’s a lot of options readily available amongst all the offers and discount rates on massages in Dublin, so have a look and discover the best option for you!

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