Men deserve a bit of pampering too, so at our beauty salon in Dublin we have built a wide range of professional services particularly for our male clients.

We provide eyebrow shaping and tinting, facials, body massages, contouring of the body, hair removal and manicures & pedicures, with complete consultation with all providers.

Unique hair & beauty packages are also available for men. For starters, our Groom’s Day includes haircut, manicure and pedicure for a gent.


Guys’s Facials

All our facials include our signature head and scalp massage. 

Hydro Energising Facial – Micro currents assist tone and lift muscles re-establishing drooping muscles. The skin is cleansed, toned and exfoliated. Extractions are done following the application of a moisturising mask and a massage. Blood blood circulation is promoted which assists to enhance muscle tone and to neutralize dryness, particularly in the cold weather. Cost: ₤ 68.

Deep Cleaning Facial – A smart and adaptive anti-ageing deep cleaning facial, which incredibly increases the skin and safeguards versus the results of shaving and ecological damage. This facial lasts for one hour and has instant outcomes.

Power Facial – This energising booster facial is a deep cleaning treatment for lifeless, slow skin contaminated by tension and tiring way of lives. It oxygenates, renews and nurtures your skin leaving it radiant and restored in simply thirty minutes.

Guys’s Body Treatments

Body Massage– An effective massage including bodywork motion to reach tension-retaining locations of muscle tissue, leaving you feeling unwinded and rebalanced.

CACI Quantum Slimming & Toning Treatments – The innovative CACI system utilizes micro-currents to tighten up and tone drooping muscles. We can assist to raise your ‘moobs’ and enhance your stomach. You will see enhancements after simply one treatment although we extremely advise a course of 10 treatments for maximum outcomes.

CACI Quantum Contouring Treatments – The CACI system of micro-currents can be utilized to boost particular muscles for the chest and butt locations to bring back muscle strength. This works efficiently on forming your ‘moobs’, stomach and bottom. You will see enhancements after simply one treatment although we extremely suggest a course of 10 treatments for optimal outcomes.

Hair Elimination for Guy

We provide a complete series of hair elimination services for males. These consist of expert waxing of the chest, back and abdominal area, legs, arms and eyebrow shaping.

Lash Tinting & Eyebrow Forming for Gents

An eyelash and eyebrow tint can actually change your face, particularly if you are going grey. We likewise use an eyebrow shaping service which is especially efficient to take on heavy eyebrows or monobrows.

Guy’s Manicures & Pedicures

Our manicures for males consist of:

– Nails submitted and formed
– Cuticles pressed back and cut
– Hand massage
– Nails rubbed or a nourishing matt treatment included

Our pedicure for guys consist of:

– Feet taken in stimulating foot health club
– Nails clipped, formed and submitted
– Difficult skin eliminated on heels
– Foot massage
– Nails rubbed or a nourishing matt treatment included

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