Spray Tan Salon
Dublin 15

VITA LIBERATA ORGANIC SPRAY TAN A Vita Liberata Professional Spray Tan offers a natural-looking, odourless tan result that replicates a natural suntan.

A spray tan on lighter skin tones might last for about 5 days, medium shades can last between 7-8 days, and darker shades can last up to 10 days. To be safe, we say that your spray tan will last anywhere between 5-7 days, depending on your spray tan care routine.

What can I do prior to the application to ensure I get the most glow? Shower and exfoliate 24 hours before tanning with an oil free product. We recommend Vita Liberata's Super Fine Body Polish. Hair removal (waxing/shaving) should be done at least 24 hours prior to tanning.

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