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Using Cirepil Wax product provide a more comfortable experience ideal for Brazilian and bikini waxing .Cirepil waxing grips the hair and not the skin, and come off in one smooth, firm pull.

Facial Threading 

Threading removes multiple hairs at one with no anticipation , so very little time for pain receptors in your brain to react between removal . There’s no contact with the skin which makes it gentler for those or would be acne prone or have sensitive skin 


Bikini Wax

The best way to think about a bikini wax is imagining the removal of hairs outside the knicker line. Its neatens up your intimate area and hairs can then be kept shorter with regular bikini waxes.

Recommended for -This is often the best place to start if you are new to intimate waxing as its quick and easy and also prepares you for the summer sun!

Extended Bikini Wax

If you think of a Bikini wax, the extended bikini wax just takes the sides of the hair in shorter and occasionally some off of the top also. This creates a more defined ‘triangular’ shape.

Recommended for – This is good for clients who are looking for some definition and perhaps for holidays when wearing your bikini bottoms!

G-String wax

If you’re looking for quite a bit of hair removal but not as much as a Brazillian, then the G-string wax is the one for you. During a G-string wax, more hair is removed than an extended bikini, but you are left with a strip of hair (much like a Brazillian) which also carries on underneath your intimate area.

Recommended for – Clients who are quite new to intimate waxing but are looking for a neat and tidy wax.

Brazillian Wax

This waxing design removes all of the intimate hair (even underneath)! A small strip of hair is left at the front which is usually about 1cm thick. This method was first thought up in Brazil as Brazillian women spent most of their days in their Bikini’s!

Recommended for – This is ideal for client’s who wear thongs and want to be almost completely hairless front and back.

Hollywood Wax

A Hollywood wax is the complete removal of all intimate hair (front, back and underneath)!

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