We offer men and women a range of waxing, hair removal and depilatory services including traditional strip wax, hot wax, electrolysis and laser hair removal from IPL. If you’re unsure which treatment is best for you, our therapists will be happy to discuss the options with you.

If you’re going to get away from Dublin for a summer beach break abroad–or even just to a spa–you’re lucky. Now is the time to smooth downstairs and remove the unsightly hair. Waxing lasts longer than other forms such as shaving. However, with a therapy session taking no time at all, even if you lead the busiest life in Dublin, it’s easy to slot in an appointment.


The main difference is that the hot wax method involves melting the wax before use and then adding it to the skin. As the hot wax cools, it constricts for removal around the hairs. The therapist pulls the wax away once the wax is hard and leaves the skin clean and hair free. The wax is hen collected using a fabric strip using the regular strip wax process.

Waxing in Dublin: things to understand prior to you go

Whether you’re brand-new to waxing or something of a veteran, it assists to understand what to get out of your waxing treatment in London. See our responses to the most regularly asked concerns listed below.

How agonizing is waxing your swimwear location?

 Keep in mind the stating ‘no discomfort, no gain’? It uses to waxing in addition to weight lifting. However there are a lot of factors to unwind about a swimwear wax. Sure, it does harm a little, however less so than other approaches, and it’s over quite rapidly. Here are 4 things to remember prior to scheduling your swimsuit wax:
  • The bigger the location of hair you’re having actually waxed, the more it’ll injure.
  • Long hair harms more than brief hair.
  • Some body parts are more delicate than others.
  • Breathing routinely– instead of holding your breath– will assist see you through the discomfort.

Does waxing lower hair development?

While waxing will minimize hair development, it will not remove it completely. Nevertheless, it can trigger your hair to thin with time. Waxing gets rid of entire hair roots. When duplicated gradually, each hair follicle will end up being so harmed it will just have the ability to produce thin hairs, if any at all– an outright blessing if you have thick body hair.

What is a Brazilian wax?


Brazilian waxing gets rid of hair from the leading and sides of the swimsuit line, all the method under and around the back. You can choose to leave a triangle or landing strip of fur. Brazilian waxing is among the most popular swimwear waxing techniques for ladies. Coming from the 1990s, it has actually because progressed into various designs and shapes. Some individuals even opt for a Hollywood wax, which eliminates all hair. The majority of our offers has the option of both treatments, such as H’Ettorre Charm Center in Islington, so you can pick the one that’s right for you.
There are several waxing treatments readily available in London– consisting of Brazilian, Hollywood and swimsuit waxing. However if you’re searching for a treatment that ensures hair elimination more completely, you might think about laser hair elimination.

What are the various kinds of wax for Brazilian waxing?

There are numerous kinds of waxing treatments in London. You can go complete Hollywood in Hampstead, or Brazilian in Balham. These are the most popular kinds of wax that are utilized as part of the treatments:

  1. Difficult wax– typically considered among the least agonizing kinds of waxing, a tough wax just binds to the hair instead of moving the skin when being eliminated.
  2. Fruity flavour– instilled with fruit extracts, this provides anti-oxidant advantages which assists nurture the skin.
  3. Chocolate mix– uses the advantages of anti-oxidants, glycerine and oils which contain anti-inflammatory residential or commercial properties.
  4. O’Naturel– this conventional mix of sugar, lemon and warm water is a natural alternative to difficult wax.
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