Manicure & Biab Gel Nails 

Mini Manicure with CND POLISH

Nail file & shape with cuticle tidy finishing with CND polish 

Shellac 2 week polish 

Nail file & shape with cuticle tidy finishing with Shellac Polish 

Luxury Manicure 

.A Luxury Manicure will nourish and hydrate your hands and cuticles. This indulgent treatment includes a hand exfoliation and a relaxing hand  massage using specially selected products finished with CND Polish or Shellac Polish 

Biab Gel Overlay 

BIAB is made of ingredients that work to strengthen and nourish the nail, so it helps to harden your natural nails while you wear it. BIAB with Gel polish to add extra strength , After 3 weeks you would get your get overlay refilled , change of color all while your natural nail growth adding length. 

Gel/Aycrlic nail extensions 
Nail extensions help your hands shine by adding a little length to your natural nail.
If you're ready for flawless, fierce nails, let the nail technicians at this salon lend their talent and artistry to your tips.
Gel tends to be softer and more flexible than acrylic, Gel extensions tend to be by far the more popular choice for clients & nail technician

If you wish to add French tip , Nail Art or Design please add this to your booking to allow extra time

Pedicure Toes 

EXPRESS Mini Pedicure with CND Polish 

Mini Pedicure generally have fewer steps than a full manicure
Using your choice of OPI or CND Vinylux polish.
Cuticle ,Shaping & Cutting Toe Nails CND Vinylux Polish
Dont forget your flip flops !

Foot Soak Mini Pedicure with CND Polish

Soaking the foot for extra relaxation ,Cuticle work
Shaping & Cutting Toe Nails CND Vinylux Polish

Dont forget your flip flops !

Luxuary Pedicure 

Our Luxury Spa Pedicure includes soaking your feet , exfoliating foot scrub,
 removing cuticles and shaping nails. Gorgeous mini foot massage while lotions are being applied. 

Finished with CND Polish or Shellac Polish 

Shellac on Toes 

 Shellac nail polish is the way to go when looking for one of the more durable options of nail polish around.
 On average, they last up to 2 weeks, with some lucky few getting a good 3 weeks in!

Look good, feel great

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