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Mini Manicure/Pedicure  30 minutes. Nail grooming and nails painted with a polish of your choice, leaving them clean and shiny!

Luxury Manicure/Pedicure

 A Luxury Manicure will nourish and hydrate your hands and cuticles. This indulgent treatment includes a hand exfoliation and a relaxing hand and arm massage using specially selected products finishing off with Cnd Polish . You can also upgrade to a Shellac polish for longer lasting results.

Shellac Polish

As many of us know, Shellac nail polish is the way to go when looking for one of the more durable options of nail polish around. On average, they last up to 2 weeks, with some lucky few getting a good 3 weeks in!

BIAB Gel Overlay hardens and strengthens the natural nail, whilst creating the same perfect glossy look you’d expect from other treatments, such as gel or acrylic nails (all without adding too much bulk or thickness). BIAB can be used alone, or extensions can be added for customers who prefer longer nails.

Gel Nail Extensions  is a process that involves hard gel built on a natural nail and cured with UV light. The manicurist uses a nail form, which is basically a sticker that goes under the free edge (the tip) of the nail, to extend the length of the nail.

Acrylic nail extensions are the most common type of nail extension that almost everyone knows about! The acrylic nail is made out of a monomer liquid mixed with a polymer powder to form a paste that is glued onto your natural nail and tip.